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The experience of the past 20 years has proved that sea-buckthorn is a wonderful plant, with significant potential. Sea-buckthorn contains a huge array of nutrients in its fruit, seed, leaves and even bark.

However, because sea-buckthorn is native to Asia, its nutritional, medical and cosmetic benefits remain largely unknown in Europe and the UK.

Sea-buckthorn site owner The objective of this site is to promote an awareness of the importance of sea-buckthorn in the United Kingdom, and eventually to become a platform for visitors to exchange and share their personal ideas and thoughts about sea-buckthorn usage and its benefits. Our goal is that it will become a source for visitors to purchase online some of the best sea-buckthorn products from all over the world.

This site is owned and maintained by Igor Neznakin. Igor was born and raised in Russia, holds BA degree in Languages and BSc in Business Information Technology obtained in Moscow, Russia and Leicester, United Kingdom.

Sea-buckthorn berries have been used in Igor's family for generations to prepare homemade cosmetics, and as needed, to cure various infections, or to heal wounds.

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